The EP will promote his upcoming LP titled Invasions of light which is going to reflect on his past and now. Its what he has done musically back in a day when playing around with his first mono synthesizer versus what he is doing now on a much professional level. The album will be a reflection and thought of more then 10 years of Echoplex. The LP will be followed by a remix release with few worldwide producers to be announced shortly.

Echoplex is launching another label - Soundlite records focusing on more smooth, deep techno-house cuts. The first release being his EP titled Turning Point is scheduled to surface in May 2006.
Another label to surface is Forward records. Echoplex is scheduled to release on this label this year a 2091 EP reflecting on my more minimal side of techno and pushing much more funky and dirty beats.

Pues eso, que Echoplex esta que se sale. Acaba de sacar un notable disco en su sello Soleil y en breve estrena el sello FORWARD con el 2091 ep, quizás dejando de lado ese technazo que produce para enfocar su sonido en el minimal. Una muestra, en la web del sello:

Además en su web de myspace se pueden escuchar 2 temas por publicar en Soleil, "4RIO" y "Detroitao", temazos impresionantes que se supone que estaran en el nuevo album, del cual el soleil 11 es un adelanto.

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