Detroit meets Barcelona

Detroit meets Barcelona

Derrick May (Transmat/Detroit) actuará hoy 28 de octubre en The Loft (BCN)

Derrick May @ Fuse (Brussels) 1999:

ASTROPHUNK-Baby (Tracking You Down 002)
OXIA-Fresh (Goodlife 02)
SANTONE-Be Right There (Som Underground 1227)
PAUL JOHNSON-I Said I (Nite Life Collective 002)
KILLA BITE-Killa Bite 1 (Killa Bite 001) (b1)
M4J-E Isso Ai (Tropic 020)
LIDLEDATAC VS MONSIEUR X-Choco Pops (Pamplemousse 007)
PSYKOFUK-Psykofuk (Matrix 2)
CHASER-Tall Stories (Pooley's Deep Mix) (Soma 80)
SUBMISSION-Women Beat Their Men (Velocity 61006)
SIR EDDIE REAL AND THE REALISTICS-Where's The Monkey (Recreation 5003)
SAMBA BRUTAL-Samba Brutal (Neue Welten 07)
DUTCH LIQUID-Scream (AE 43733)
E DANCER-Velocity Funk (Kms Pias 001 Lp)
MICROWORLD-Signals (Transmat 22)
JEFF MILLS-Skin Deep (Purpose Maker 008]
TONY DAX-Repercussion (Hard Groove Mix) (Theory 002)
KILLA BITE-Killa Bite 2 (Killa Bite 002) (a2)
ARI JUKKA-Pump It… (Svek 002)
THE GROOVE ESSENTIALS-Make Up Your Mind (Funky Chocolate 06)
CHASER-Tall Stories (Extended Mix) (Soma 80)
RUFFNECK FEAT. YAVAHN-All That Jazz (Original Mix) (Maw 013)
ADONIS-No Way Back (Vocal) (Trax 112)
AUBREY-Untitled (Solid Groove 016.5) (a2)
SUNKISS-Reach ( Plastic City 018]
Y.M.C.-Last Stop (Yoshitoshi 032)
RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM-Beyond The Dance (The Cult Mix) (Transmat Lp 2)
SKYMASTER-Shooting Stars (541 416 500282)
CO FUSION-Struttin' (Reel Musiq 023)
GLOW-Get Your Own (Primary 004)
SHAKE-Perseverence (Frictional 009)
THEO PARRISH-Dark Patterns (Peacefrog 076/2)
THEO PARRISH FEAT. JERRALD JAMES-Dan Ryan (Sound Signature 005)
MASTER JAY AND MICHAEL DEE-T.S.O.B. (The Sound Of Brooklyn 1000)
LOOSE JOINTS-Is It All Over My Face ( West End 5002)
KAT WILLIAMS-Jus The Right Groove (Tak 002)
ALTON M.-Africa '99 (Moods & Grooves 001)
TURNSTYLE ORCHESTRA-Latin Soul (Original Mix) (Guidance 045)
DISCO TEX -I Love Musik (Disco-Tex 003)
SOUND OF K-Silvery Sounds (F Communications 087 Ltd)
KERRI CHANDLER-Rain (Nervous 20316)
TYREE COOPER-T.C.X. (Cosmic 011)
STEVE STOLL-Begin With Dub (A1 14)
THE AZTEC MYSTIC-Ascesion (Underground Resistance 049)
BEN SIMS-Storm (Theory 006x) 

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