Electro: The shady dealings of TLR

Electro: The shady dealings of TLR The shady dealings of TLR (Live at Disco Sandokan Scheveningen, 2001)


01-The Lone Ranger Intro
02-I-F-The man you never see remix
03-Parallax corporation-slow runner
04- Parallax Corporation- Human Engineering
05-$tinkworx – Icing on the bitch ho
06-Hong Kong Counterfeit - Metal Disco (Legowelt vs Orgue Eelctronique remix)
08-Model 500-No UFO's
09-Egyptian Lover-Sexy Style
10-Cybotron-Cosmic Car
11-Legowelt - ?
12-Luminous Lollipop-Acid Pop
13-Maurice Joshua-I got a big dick
14-Zombie Nation-Space Invaders are smoking grass remix
16-Novamen- Try to be a Novaman
17-Space-Magic Fly
18-'Lectric Workers - Robot is systematic
19-Getitboy - Bass Obsession
20-Rude66 - Machine

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