BCN meets DETROIT: DJ S2 aka Santiago Salazar (Los Hermanos)

BCN meets DETROIT: DJ S2 aka Santiago Salazar (Los Hermanos) Santiago Salazar started dj'ing in 1992. His interest sparked by mix tapes his brother was bringing back from the Gay underground scene in Los Angeles. He soon became an underground favorite at afterhours clubs such as 'Graveyard Shift' and 'Reactor.' Having played with L.A. legends such as Chris Flores, Andrew D., Edgar C., DJ Lee and Tony Powell, he credits them for helping to define his style of mixing.

Santiago has mixed and edited several UR 12 inches and was the featured Los Hermanos remixer on "Return Of The Dragons", an exceptional remix that was played by everyone from Ben Sims to Pete Tong! Santiago was also responsible for the limited 7 inch remix of DJ Rolando's "Aguila". He recently released the "Slide EP" under the name Seldom Seen, an experiment in acid-funk and creative sampling, adding a new direction to the classic UR catalog. He's now a core member of the Los Hermanos live band, using his DJ skills to control the flow and intensity of the live performances.

DJ S2 aka Santiago Salazar (UR-057, G2G, Los Hermanos) mix

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