yard live dj set @, may 1, 2006

yard live dj set @,  may 1, 2006

Tras el bombazo que publicó para Narita, Bloom, y aún reciente el notable 12" Chicago en Plong!, Yard acaba de estrenar sello (Yard Rec) y está que no para, sacando mixes cada semana en breakfast radio y publicando temas en varios netlabels. Aquí un mix de muestra:

yard: may 1, 2006 live dj set on

download part 1 

yard-synthetic waves
pan american-east coast bugs
phuture-acid tracks
mark broom-any number between 1 & 17 (autechre alt mix)
rhythm & sound feat tikiman-find a way
yard-white fog
lackluster-meanwhile (rm xb rothomstates)
brothomstates-matala bobo
ministry-i wanted to tell her
sleeparchive-bleep 01
gez varley-les cartes
jimi tenor-total devastation
derrick carter-end of the line (got change for a $20)
marco passarani-twisted romance
jeff mills-late night
speedy j & chris liebing-treflon
anders ilar-radius
laplaceausoleil-platz rufus
anders ilar-a day ago
isolée-cité grande terre
paul kalkbrenner-d_zug
the orb-captain korma
gak-gak 3
a guy called gerald-flo_ride

download part 2

t.raumschmiere-bow down big man to get your credit, i watch your system and spit right at it
ellen allien-magma
jello-o'verb (dualite mix by dncn)
underground resistance-transition
mathew jonson-ultraviolet dream
recloose-kapiti dream
recloose-ain't changin
push button objects-non_existant (keyed in by gescom)
darin marshall-shura
africa bambaataa & the soul sonic force-planet rock (vocal)
pan sonic-pyokki halko
gescom-keynell 3
anti pop consortium-ghostlawns (lfo rix mix)
dub kult-chick
proem-cynical landlord (esem ychialn clandrol)
autechre-we r are why
rhythm & sound w/ the chosen brothers-making history
mira calix-slip sliding (dizydizy yard remake)

Vince Watson - Detroit Classics ableton mix pt2

Vince Watson

Detroit Classics mix pt2

1. 69 - Microlover - Planet e
2. Fix - Diligent - Ignitor
3. Carl Craig - Twilight - Planet e
4. Rhythim is Rhythim - Kaotic Harmony - Transmat
5. The Martian - Skypainter - Red Planet
6. Speedy J - Rise - Plus 8
7. The Martian - Stardancer - Red Planet
8. Aril Brikha - Grove la Chord - Transmat
9. Carl Craig - Science Fiction - Blanco Y Negro
10. Robert Hood - The Grey Area - M-Plant
11. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey of the Dragons - UR
12. Yennek - War of the Worlds - Buzz/Transmat/Art of Dance
13. The Martian - Journey to the Martian Polar Ice Caps - Red Planet
14. Blake Baxter - Altitude - ESP
15. Lfo - Dial - Planet e
16. Robert Hood - Make a Wish - M-Plant
17. Robert Hood - Interior Suspect - M-Plant

Paul Kalkbrenner Live at Awakenings Festival, July 1, 2006

Paul Kalkbrenner Live at Awakenings Festival, July 1, 2006

Paul Kalkbrenner Live at Awakenings Festival, July 1, 2006

Daft Punk @ Coachella 2006

soloaction: shed's pound & pout mix

soloaction: shed's pound & pout mix


1. Claude Young - Dj-Kicks Ep - K7
2. James Ruskin - Caught In The Middle - Bluprint
3. Robert Hood - No Hats Required Re-defined - Cosmic
4. Dj Bone - Wind Slaves [Fog] - Subject Detroit
5. Joel Mull - Persuaded - Inside
6. Robert Hood - Rek - Tresor
7. Mark Broom - Funked Up - PPD
8. The Purpose Maker - Black is the Number - Axis
9. Joris Voorn - Chemistry Of Attraction - Wolfskuil
10. BMB - Father Loves Us - BMB
11. Red 2 - Gonk - Bush
12. E-Dancer - Speaker Punishing - Incognito
13. RNG - Links In Chain - 430 West
14. Surgeon - Klonk - Dynamic Tension

Shed's POUT-MIX. A bit smoother and slowed down than the first mix

1. Jonny L - This Time [Carl Craig Mix] - CCR
2. Mr. G - You’re Doing My Head In - Phoenix G.
3. Eddy Airbow - French Riviera [Club Mix] - Airlab Recordings
4. Robin Porter & Lucas Rodenbush - Dreams Of Santa Ana Ep - Immigrant
5. Chicago Housing Commision - The Way I want Ya - CHC
6. Basic Bastard - The Funk/Part Two - Ignitor
7. Blake Baxter - One More Time - Tresor
8. Muzik Boxx - Deep Circa Ep - Clashvox
9. Kenny Larkin - Catatonic/Third State [Carl Craig Mix] - R&S
10. Dj Slip - Every Time It Takes Awhile [F. B. Remix] - Sub Static
11. D. Stefanik - Move Me - Moon Habour
12. Shawn Rudiman - Reminder - Technoir Audio

Surgeon @ Psystem Error, Budapest 10th June 2006

Surgeon @ Psystem Error, Budapest 10th June 2006

Surgeon @ Psystem Error, Budapest 10th June 2006 Part1


William Burroughs - Burroughs Called The Law - Sub Rosa
Mike Dearborn - Deviant Behaviour - DJax
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express - EMI
Surgeon - Dry part 3 - Dynamic Tension
Dj Funk - Work That Body - Dance Mania
Frank Hunter - Unknown - Mono
Lil Louis - French Kiss - FFRR
DBX - Space Talk - Peacefrog
Cory Holloway - No Further - DJax
Boxcutter - Skuff'd - Planet Mu
Unspecified Enemies - Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit - Counterattack
Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey Of The Dragons - UR
Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin mix) - Warp
British Murder Boys - Fist - Downwards
British Murder Boys - Father Loves Us - Counterbalance
Vex'd - Pop Pop - Subtext
Kritical Audio - Krup - Detroit Underground
Polygon Window - Quoth - Warp
o/v - Kes (Oscar Mulero remix) - Infrastructure
Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Carl Craig remix) - Third Ear
Makaton - Beauty Default - Rodz-Konez
Dj Rush - Toolhouse - Force Inc.
Mika Vainio - Kvantti - Sahko
Robert Armani - Road Tour (Dave Clarke remix) - ACV
Surgeon - Baby Ride (edit) - Counterbalance

with loops from -

Regis - White Stains - Downwards
Female - Angel Plague - Downwards
Oscar Mulero - CV Is Dead - Warmup
Regis - Get On Your Knees - Downwards

Surgeon @ Psystem Error, Budapest 10th June 2006 Part2

58:42, 72.6 mb

Surgeon - Baby Ride (edit) - Counterbalance
Surgeon - October - Counterbalance
Jeff Mills - Cubango - Purpose Maker
Surgeon - Floorshow Part I.1 - Counterbalance
AFX - Analord 8 - Rephlex
British Murder Boys - Rule By Law - Counterbalance
Alexander Kowalski - Emtech (BMB remix) - Kanzleramt
Planetary Assault Systems - Take Back - Peacefrog
Surgeon - Floorshow Part I.2 - Counterbalance
Rumenige - Fast Food - Antidandruff
Surgeon - Credence part 1 - Dynamic Tension
Hiroaka Iizuka - Greenworld - Symbolism
Vex'd - Killing Floor - Planet Mu
Erotic Discourse - White Label
Surgeon - Magneze - Downwards
Karl O'Connor & Peter Sutton - Guiltless - Tresor
Whitehouse - Dumping The Fucking Rubbish - Susan Lawley
UR - The Seawolf - World Power Alliance
DJ Funk - Knock Knock - Cosmic
Robert Armani - Fuse Box - ACV
Jeff Mills - Real Life - Axis
Surgeon - Midnight Club Tracks II - Counterbalance
Joey Beltram - Gameform (Mike Dearborn remix) - Tresor
James Ruskin - Fallen - Warmup

with loops from -

Regis - White Stains - Downwards
Female - Angel Plague - Downwards

Tim Xavier - Art Of Happiness Mix

Tim Xavier - Art Of Happiness Mix

Tim Xavier - Art Of Happiness Mix


01) tony rohr / spanish tool / unreleased
02) damian schwartz / uno track / mupa
03) vivianne project / i am a bird / strangers
04) tony rohr & dietrich schoenemann / doner freq / hidden agenda
05) dave shok & tony rohr / untitled / unreleased
06) pan pot / so so split / einmaleins
07) argy / night ritual / poker flat
08) miskate (b.pronsato rmx) / espirit / alphahouse
09) tony rohr & dietrich schoenemann / lock job / hidden agenda
10) camea / wire tap / clink 03 - out soon
11) geoff white / etsche / ghostly
12) john selway (dave turov rmx) / solas remix project / csm - out soon
13) butane & someone else / tiger bitch / alphahouse
14) holger flinsch / carpet crawler / addon
15) afternoon coffee boys / witches brew / cocoon
16) pan pot / mica mire / einmaleins
17) miss fitz / Komisarin Kauz / archipel - out soon
18) underline 007 - matt john

Clink Recordings

Julio 2006

[rec-28] arpanet - reference frame
[ml 020] monolake - alaska melting
[trust12] epy - affluenza - a1+b1
[ai015ep] e.r.p. / mariel ito - split 2
[ft 014] literon - machines
[tb020lp] the wee dj's - fear and lothian
[feinwerk 8] norman - yellow dummyprotector ep - b1+b2
[tnt02] todd & tadd - analogue acid vol 2
[life12in-15] gez varley - shon ep - b1+b2
[lo1204] cursor miner - hair of the dog / spaß faktor - cara b
[ibox017] brian aneurysm - the end of logic
[dfrg_018] ilar + hedvall - treacherous & deceitful - cara b
[o-ton2] brtschitsch - twirl / under
[love023] andy stott - choke / for the love
[clink03] camea - wire tap
[dsr/sp1] quince - americana
[strx leave 09] redshape - telefunk
[dnp 05] ricardo villalobos / henrik schwarz - seive / jimis 2006 - cara b
[spc-37] bodycode - the conservation of electric charge
[bg050] various - background records 050
[sthlm ltd 005] grindvik - monuments
[monika 48] james figurine - forgive your friends - cara a

The Wee DJs Live April 2006

the wee djs - live April 2006

Live set from The Wee DJ's featuring his first album "Fear and Lothian" on Touchin' Bass

Carl Craig - Televised Green Smoke

Grindvik Monuments promotional live pa

Pär Grindvik promotional live pa for his new 12" LTD series on his label Illegal Stockholm, [STHLM LTD005] Grindvik - Monuments:

click here

Sleeparchive LivePA at Kindergarten Manchester 05/05/2006

Sleeparchive - LivePA at Kindergarten Manchester 05/05/2006

Superb minimal live set, this time getting harder and preparing to burn monegros next july 15th.



El objetivo de esta acción es reunir colectivos i personas activas relacionadas con el desarrollo cultural autónomo i proyectar actividades que abarquen des de la cultura digital a la cultura de calle. Una plataforma efímera de grupos de trabajo centrados en diferentes ámbitos que se abren a la interacción para programar una jornada marcada por la experimentación, la interacción i el análisis de la nuevas tecnologías en formas de expresión artística o nuevos lenguajes. 

COOPCORP es el resultado del intento continuado de cooperación de Sinergia* para crear una red de colaboración abierta y de la inestimable colaboración de los colectivos participantes, y la de otros que no podrán estar presentes en esta edición. Os invitamos a participar en esta primera edición y disfrutar descubriendo el resultado de la cooperación y la suma de esfuerzos.




:/COOPCORP* LABORATORI D’INTERACCIÓ COL·LECTIVA:/Sábado 1 de Julio de 10:30 a 01:30h + fiesta en el campo de futbol hasta las… 

:/ATENEU MOLÍ D’EN RAL - CALDES DE MONTBUI –[BCN] – [entrada sólo 5 euros]

Jacen Solo Live! @ Electrònims: Live Set & Interview

Jacen Solo Live! @ Electrònims: Live Set & Interview

Thursday june 29th 2006 / dijous 29 de juny 2006


JACEN SOLO (AI / London) live!
ZERO (Immolate/ Barcelona)
FIBLA DJ (spa.RK/ Barcelona)

Father Morgan visuals (Copenhague) 

Just 10 days after the biggest music event in Barcelona, immersed on post-Sonar hangover, a very special night with one of the labels that contributed to the return of Detroit sound to our lives… Jacen Solo is one of their best representative, so don’t miss it if you’re still around! Zero and Fibla djs will be contributing with their special selected tunes, and Danish Father Morgan will be helping all of them with his gorgeous visuals. A one-off night, as usual! 

LA [2] c/ Nou de la Rambla 111 Metro: Paral.lel (L3)
8 eur drink incl

more info:

As an advance to his live set tomorrow, you can download this one from april: Jacen Solo Headspace set  

Also, there is an interview done to present his album debut ‘Virgo’, last year: 

Where and when did you begin working on music? I was a vinyl junkie by the age of 12 and started messing around with music production a couple of years later. I had a friend with a small set-up in his garage, which included an old Atari, basic Cubase, a sampler, a midi controller and a sound module, and this was where I started to learn how to construct music. He went to the Brits school so I left the technical side to him and concentrated on beat making and trying to learn which keys sounded nice to my ears. As time went by I absorbed more and more and before long I started to work with other people and soon realised that it was no longer just a hobby but a passion. 

What are your inspirations / influences? Life itself both inspires, and influences me, and my music. People have said that certain tracks Ive made have reminded them of something from the past, but usually are not quite sure what, and that’s how I like it. I am definitely inspired by artists and producers from my record collection, Techno pioneers like B12, Stasis, Kenny Larkin and Carl Craig, as well as later additions from Vince Watson, Aril Brikha, and Arne Weinberg. On the Electro side I take inspiration from the old school sounds of Dynamix II, Kraftwerk, and UR, alongside some of todays quality producers like Andy Jaggers, Microthol, and Anrea Parker. 

What are your top 5 albums of all time? [Any genre]

 -         Artificial Intelligence (Various)

-         Virgo (Virgo)-         Virtual Sex (Various)

-         Another Side (Fingers Inc)

-         Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (Aphex Twin) 

What is your favourite track? 

Acid Eiffel – Choice (Laurent Garnier & Shazz) 

What other labels do you like and why? Im just starting to get back into my record shopping and so am still discovering new labels all the time. Ive been very impressed with the material coming from Headspace with tracks from Vince Watson, Arne Weinberg, Dan Curtin, Derek Carr, and Tom Churchill, and I think they are the label to watch in terms of deep Detroit inspired Techno. For Electro Im loving some of the Touching Bass stuff, and both Pyramid Transmissions and Trust Technologies are both slowly but surely working their way into my sets. All in all I think the state of the scene, musically, is in great shape. 

Is your interest just in electronic music or do you have a broader taste? Does anyone like just one kind of music? Im like most people really, if its sunny and hot I might stick a Bob Marley CD on, or maybe some Roy Ayers to suit the mood. I usually go in waves where I might get stuck into a Hip Hop album for a while then switch it for some banging acid, it really comes down to mood and state of mind. I think good music is good music, regardless of genre, and that’s why my collection ranges from 60 bpm Jazz to 160 bpm D&B. 

Any news on new future releases? My debut album on AI first and foremost, out in June Ive been told now. The project has been a couple of years in the making and Im very excited to see how it will be received. Aside from that I have a couple of remixes on the go for later this year and into 2006 as well as the launch of a double LP series through my company Musik4Life. The series is called ‘Life Works’ and will feature various artists and friends, with confirmed involvement from Arne Weinberg, ADJ, and includes previously unreleased material from Mysteron.Volume 1 is scheduled for August/September 2005. 

Can you tell us what equipment and software you use? I work on a powerful pc using Reason rewired into Cubase SX, with about 100 gig of plug-ins and refills. The majority of my music comes from triggering the onboard sounds with my Yamaha Keyboard and sequencing within Cubase and Reason but I like to add to the mix with a little outboard gear including the Nord Lead Synth, the Emu Proteus, and the Novation Basestation. I used to borrow an 808 and a 303 but thanks to the wonder of electronic technology I now have all the individual kit sounds and samples within refills and plugins! 

How did your relationship with ai begin, did you send a demo etc? The guys at AI have a connection with my hometown and we share some mutual friends. It was one of these friends (thanks Joe!) who suggested that I contact AI after hearing some of my demos and gave me the contact details. After a couple of chats on the phone it was clear to me that I wanted to get onboard, from both a creative and design point of view. I sent in a 14 track demo cd which eventually got short-listed for the ‘Forbbiden Medicine’ EP. The rest is history as they say. 

If you were a robot where would you work and what would your name be? My name would be Deckard Cannabinoid and I would work 2 jobs. In the week I would work for the government and be responsible for the ‘retirement’ of untalented pop wannabes, fakes, and the general useless people that fill up the top 40 (watch out Mr Beddingfield!). At the weekends, still working for the government, Id be responsible for trimming the buds of the marijuana plants grown for distribution to citizens. My particular job description would be to pick the best buds from the tops and trim them down, before sending them off to various electronic music producers around the world as a reward for services to the industry.  


Dubstep: Skream - Stella Session (Rinse FM) 12-06-2006

Dubstep: Skream - Stella Session (Rinse FM) 12-06-2006

Skream - Stella Session (Rinse FM) 12-06-2006

01 Hijak – Dally 00:48
02 Skream – Riddim 03:08
03 Skream – Riddim* 04:28
04 Quest – Hardfood 06:40
05 Hijak – Slaughter 09:33
06 Hijak – Slaughter* 09:55
07 Mala – Hunter 13:41
08 Skream – Hag 16:28
09 Skream - Hag (Omen Remix) 19:07
10 Skream - Hag (Omen Remix)* 19:45
11 Skream – Heavy Duty 22:42
12 Skream – Heavy Duty* 24:10
13 Skream – Deep Concentration 26:24
14 Digital Mystikz – Haunted 29:58
15 Digital Mystikz – Haunted* 30:32-poltergeist breakdown
16 Hijak – Nightmares 31:55
17 Hijak – Nightmares* 32:31
18 Skream - Deceit 36:27
19 Skream – Deceit* 37:33
20 Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Skream Remix) ..40:06
21 Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Skream Remix)* 40:43
22 Tubby – Tigerstyle ..42:03
23 Tubby – Tigerstyle* 44:29
24 Skream – Assumptions Remix 47:21
25 Mala – Blue Note 50:12
26 Skream – Music To Make U Stagga 52:25
27 Ironsoul Vs Cessman - Kalawanji 55:18
28 Ironsoul Vs Cessman – Kalawanji* 55:58
29 Skream – Blipstream ..58:10
30 Coki - Shattered 01:01:16
31 Skream – Welcome To The Future 01:04:19
32 Skream – Warning (D1 Remix) 01:05:28
33 Skream – I (Loefah Remix) 01:09:01
34 ? - ? (“International/Old To The New”) 01:12:24
35 ? - ?* 01:13:24
36 Skream – Fearful Dreams 01:15:35
37 Skream – Cutoff 01:18:45
38 Skream – Cutoff* 01:19:11
39 Skream – Cutoff** 01:20:47
40 Skream - Me Love It 01:23:27
41 Skream – Tale Of The Haunted Flutes 01:26:07
42 Skream – Deeper Concentration 01:29:00
43 Slaughter Mob – 4/4 Bug 01:32:01
44 Skream – Tapped 01:34:43
45 Slaughter Mob – Physical(?) 01:36:18
46 Benny Ill – Total Relapse(?) 01:40:12
47 Skream – Tune In (A Dub Tribute) 01:42:39

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Damian Lazarus - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - 11.06.2006

suck my deck!

Damian Lazarus - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - 11.06.2006 


Nick Drake 'Black Eyed Dog' ( Island )
Locodice 'Orchidee (Edit)' (Minus)
Minilogue ' Small Town Beauty' (Crosstown Rebels)
Dettmann & Klock 'Dawning' (Ostgut)
Cabo San Roque 'Calypso 08 (Luciano Rmx)' (Bruchstuecke)
Layo & Bushwacka! 'Feels Closer (Peace Division Rmx)' (Olmeto)
Tobias 'Street Knowledge' (Logistic)
NWA 'Straight Outta Compton (Edit)' (4th & Broadway)
3 Channels 'We Was There Tomorrow' (Crosstown Rebels)
Mlle. Caro & Franck Garcia 'Far Away (Jennifer Cardini & Shonky Rmx)' (Crosstown Rebels)
Gui Boratto 'Like You (Supermayer Rmx)' (Kompakt Pop)
Every 'Feelin'' (Monofleur)
Novox 'Moodynight' (Ware)
Jeff Wayne 'The Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine (Edit)' (CBS)
Michael Bundt 'The Brain Of Oskar Panizza' (Offers Musik Prod.)
Crowdpleaser '18 Years' (Mental Groove)
Andre Rozzo 'Storm Warning (Shelter Mix)' (Trackdown)
Laid 'Punch Up' (Symple Sound)
Frankie 'Detour' (Frankie 12)
Matt O'Brien 'Serotone' (Offkey)
Position Normal 'Nostrils And Eyes' (Mind Horizon)
D. Dozzy & J. Careras '3tempo3' ( Orange Groove)
Dr Whiskers 'I'm Just A Clown' (Wonky Wagon Recordings)
Chicken Lips 'Motion Sickness (Rekid Rmx)' (Adrift)
Cocorosie 'Khole' (Touch And Go)
Napoleon 'They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa' (Warner Bros.)
Dinky 'Home On Sunday' (Horizontal)
The Beatles 'Blackbird' (Emi)
Jenny Wilson 'Crazy Summer' (Rabid)